Jul 31, 2011


The other day I dropped off Miss Cupcake at daycare, and chatted a bit with one of the teachers before leaving for work. She mentioned that our little language specialist is doing progress in Chinese ('apple' and 'water' added to the vocabulary) and that she is 'somewhat energetic'. Really? I would never say that. I would not use 'somewhat'.

Just because of the fact that Miss Cupcake makes the Duracell rabbit look like an overweight couch potato, it is more than striking to see her sit still. It happened the other day. For seconds that becomes minutes. Half an hour. We got worried. We checked in on her a number of times as normally silence means that she is doing something she shouldn't. But she was still sitting in the sofa where we had left her. Without moving. Concentrated.

This phenomenon is all thanks to my super aunt Berit, that not surprisingly, given her incredible library skills, gave Miss Cupcake a wonderful book in Swedish with a CD with songs. For some reason Miss Cupcake loves them, and become extremely relaxed. Daddy happy, but will be even happier when Coltrane or Dylan has the same effect. 'Twinkle twinkle' looses its charm the third time.

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