May 20, 2011

Three years

So I might as well confess to start with - I did not consider myself the "marrying kind-0f-guy". And that is exactly why I got married, because I never planned to, but it felt so perfect to do so with this lovely woman, and only with her. Best decision I ever made. That was three years ago. Today.

Happy anniversary Silvia!

We got married in Las Vegas. It might not sound like it, but it was very romantic. Three hours in Las Vegas and we had no money and were married. It was perfect! We got married in the afternoon, and went back to the hotel, got all dressed up and went out for dinner. Of course the "we just got married" did not render any free drinks at the restaurant as everyone gets married there all the time.

Later, we walked over to the Bellagio and ended up at the terrace, overlooking the famous fountain and the "Paris, Paris" casino in front complete with Eiffel Tower. Sitting there in the warm summer night, drinking gin tonic with my wife, overlooking the neon lights of the casinos, pinching ourselves in the arm - is this for real?!? It was just the two of us, madly in love, marrying without anyone knowing just because it felt like the obvious thing to do. It was an amazing night, followed by three wonderfully intense years.

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