May 30, 2011

Miss Monroe

"Cherished child holds many names" - very free translation of a Swedish proverb. For more accurate translations, please visit my wife's company, she does this for a living. Anyways, we are considering adding to Miss Cupcake's list of names the one of "Little Miss Monroe".

I am not saying that girls just for being girls automatically loves the feeling and weight of wearing jewelery around their wrists, or the smell of makeup in the morning, or the stroke of satin dresses against their skin. However, it could be the case. Miss Cupcake loves to play with mom's makeup and pretends to put on lipstick, she hates to wear things in her hair... unless you say "sooo cute!", then she might leave it in, and the other day, she just happened to like to stop over an ventilation escape to let the air play with her dress, pretending no one was seeing her.

I am getting a gun for when she turns 18.

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