May 13, 2011

Anniversary time

When I was a teenager, in a galaxy far, far away, one of my favorite songs was the Verve song Lucky Man. This was the age of Britpop and uni-brows (think Noel Gallagher's eyebrow in singular), and even though I like the song, I most of all liked the apartment in the video, always imagining living there. So put on this song while reading this post, it fits very well.

On the 20th of May three years ago a Kid from Grubbe and a beautiful Spanish rose landed on Las Vegas airport, and a couple of hours later stood in front of a minister at a church saying "I do". Our anniversary is coming up. Friends of the calender might say, but it is not the 20th yet. I applaude your skills of observation. Silvia and I are hopeless when it comes to giving gifts. We always get too excited and give the present way before, including birthdays, Christmas, and let's say anniversaries.

So I already got my gift from Silvia, mainly as she is off to Spain and will not be here for our anniversary. I got these kick-ass Ray Ban sun glasses. You might think I could not get cooler... I am now officially ice-cold!

Do I know what to give her? Yes.
Will I tell you? No.
Will I give you a hint. No way! Silvia will figure it out for sure.
Will I tell you about it later here in the blog. If you behave and eat your broccoli...

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