Mar 7, 2011

Say cheese!

When you move you realize you have a lot of things, actually an amazing volume of things. Within this ever-growing mass of useful and not so useful things, smaller objects have a tendency to fall to the bottom of the box, like a camera film for example.

Frisco Family

Yesterday we realized that the film in out Lomo camera with a fish eye lens had been sitting there for some time now, the film is probably vintage by now. So we snapped the remaining pictures, and Silvia was off to develop the masterpieces. It was really like opening the box of Pandora, and it seems Pandora has been travelling a lot lately as the pictures was from all over the place. Some really great pictures I have to say, and some family pictures, that we don't have that many off. Find all pictures on Flickr.

In the Retiro Park in Madrid

Taking a walk in Madrid

Outside the best apartment in the world...

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