Feb 6, 2011

One simple word

So, I am alone at home. If you exclude from the equation that I miss my girls terribly, there are good things. I have loads of time for me, to sleep, to do stuff that I feel like at my speed. That is really valuable to a parent! The worst time really are at night, when the house seems awfully big and quite.

And the other moment is just when Leah wakes up. She always tend to be really sweet when she wakes up in the morning. She looks at you, I take her up and she tends to start to point at stuff randomly, and we look at things in the room until she has woken up completely and we go to the kitchen to have breakfast.

The other day she woke up as always, and she was just laying by herself in the crib talking about something. So I get up, and stand beside the crib looking at her. Then she looks at me, say nothing for a couple of seconds and then says... "papa". Those are the moments that you will remember forever labeled under "complete, and utter happiness".

Leah to the right, some bear to the left

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