Feb 16, 2011

Happy Birthday dad!

Today my dad, now more known as granddad, turns sixty! Happy birthday dad! This is a perfect pictures to describe my dad if you have not had to pleasure of meeting him in person; with the cap on and smiling!

In my eyes my dad stopped aging at forty, he looks the same and acts the same, so even though the years go by, he is forty really. My dad is the nicest guy in the world, always helping out and “just wants to be sure you are happy”, the rest does not really matter. Leah obviously loves to hang around grandpa, so she is really looking forward to May when he is coming!

1 comment:

  1. Jag har samma bild av honom - keps och ett leende. Gärna också ett litet barn i knä. :-)

    Märkligt dock att han alltid fyller fyrtio eftersom jag faktiskt (OMG!) också gör det i sommar. Hur blev det nu liksom...? ;-)