Jan 6, 2011

The Three Kings

We are a multicultural family in the end, so at times it happens that a day is very important for one of us, while the other has a normal Thursday. This happened today, for Silvia today was "El día de Reyes", that is when in Spain the three Holy Kings come with presents to everyone. Imagine, it is Christmas but on the 6th of January, what I normally call "Thursday".

So we did not do presents, and we did not dress up as kings (I guess I will when Leah gets older), but Silvia did do a "roscón", which is a pastry that you have on this day, filled with custard. It was the first time she did it, and it was delicious!

We had some friends over, Juan Pablo and Justine. As Juan Pablo is Spanish as well Silvia and him could celebrate as the tradition demands. We had a great dinner, complained over the stuff that does not work in the US (bureaucracy) and the things we miss from home.

When Juan Pablo said he missed the dishcloths, which might sound insane but it is true, here you can't find a proper dishcloth, we gave him a pack that Silvia's mom had sent us. His eyes blinked like a kid waiting for the Holy Kings. As you get older, the stuff that brightens your day changes [sigh].

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