Jan 16, 2011


How I missed it!! When I was living in Sweden I went everywhere with my bike, come rain, come snow, come sun (not that often), come even more snow. It was great, you could go anywhere in town in half an hour. Later I was off to London, later Madrid where biking is not an option if you are not tired of living and want to end it in a cheap way.

Hear in San Francisco, I said to Silvia that I wanted to get a bike. She laughed a bit saying that I would kill myself in the hills (good point), however my plan was to use it along the coast where it is nice and flat. So what did she do? Went off to buy my the coolest bike ever!!

Today I took a ride down to North Beach, it was sunny and just lovely. It takes about 10 minutes to go down, and half an hour to get back... The views you get are amazing, you can see Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and the skyline of downtown San Francisco. (Note the strategically placed birds, I waited and waited and waited...)

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