Jan 2, 2011

Four in a row!

"Some things are just meant to be", that is the most logical conclusion one has to draw at times, especially when faced with illogical things. Even though I am not religious or particularly superstitious, it feels like some things were just meant to be, like finding Silvia for example. It was just so natural for us to be together, which is why the most normal thing was to get married after we had only been dating for six months.

And now we live in San Francisco with our daughter Leah, which also must have been meant to be, otherwise how do you explain that we have been in San Francisco at least once for the last four year? Silvia mentioned it today, and you know what my answer was?

2008: With a newly made tattoo

2009: Trip for work. I promise.

2010: Now three

2011: Cheers!

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